About Us

In an effort to meet the demands of corporate governance, water consumers, and harsh regulatory pressures Site Remediation Inc. founded its environmental cleanup operations to provide hydrocarbon spill abatement, ground water pollution abatement and contaminant mitigation.

Since 1985, Site Remediation Inc has specialized in hydrocarbon skimmers and has unique expertise in the application of our membranes for separation of fuel and groundwater. The KLEER® Filter which utilizes this patented hydrophobic enhanced flow membrane, and assembled RSS® and Oilwick® skimmers were quickly adopted by regulators, engineers and contractors as the only solutions with no moving parts, and the best line of defense against subsurface fuel spills and leaks.

Backed by extensive knowledge in environmental cleanup, Site Remediation Inc also provides consulting services related to site cleanup services and equipment (focusing upon hydrocarbon storage tanks) and Brownfield real estate transactions including developing more efficient assurance instruments for lenders, regulators, buyers and sellers.

Skimmers are supported by a dealer network of knowledgeable specialists in Canada, USA, Mexico, Australia, Europe, and Asia. Consulting support is conducted from Site Remediation Inc's headquarters in London, Ontario, Canada.