RSS® Passive Skimmer with KLEER® Filter


RSS gasoline/diesel passive skimmers contain a KLEER Filter which utilizes a patented hydrophobic enhanced flow membrane material to separate fuel from water. 

Our passive skimmers offer a well proven method of monitoring and remediation, recovering using a large permanent waterproof membrane separation instead of unpredictable floating intakes.  As a result, RSS gasoline/diesel skimmers require no power and no moving parts - guaranteeing long term efficient ground water remediation.

Membrane based separation also allows the RSS Skimmer to create its own LNAPL attractive gradient - ensuring recovery of gasoline and diesel to a sheen. Our patented oleophilic membrane within the KLEER Filter actually attracts LNAPL, often removing any need for ground water pumping and depression - the fuel simply falls into the passive bailer reservoir. 

RSS Skimmers with KLEER Filters are designed to last and have been adopted as the worldwide industry standard in passive recovery, cleanup, monitoring, and remediation of subsurface gasoline/diesel spills.  The fuel/water separation filter, the heart of the RSS skimmer/bailer, is guaranteed to recover gasoline and diesel while rejecting water for a  minimum of two years.


Our RSS passive skimmers have many advantages that optimize hydrocarbon removal.

  • Removal of floating hydrocarbon using patented KLEER Filter membrane technology. KLEER Filter includes a 2 year warranty. 
  • They require no power, no moving parts, and require no maintenance.
  • Skimmer floats, ready to fill. 
  • Excellent for contaminant drawdown calculations.


  • 6' - 12' adjustable stainless steel lifting cable with plated eyebolt (optional stainless steel chain is available).
  • PVC/polyethylene collection cartridge with vent tube.
  • 250 mm vertical collection KLEER filter pulls fuel directly through patented membrane into bailer reservoir.  Filter collects upon contact with fuel, to a sheen. Tolerant of water submergence.
  • Clear PVC bailer reservoir.
  • Stainless steel base with brass drain valve and safety latch.


RSS® Skimmer Operation Manual