OilWick® Skimmer Cartridge with available reservoirs


To recover floating hydrocarbons, thicker viscosity and specific gravity must be accommodated.  Our OilWick ® recovers spilled oil and denser (less than bunker) mixed hydrocarbon cocktails from ground water.

Subsurface spill clean-up requires spilled gasoline recovery, spilled diesel recovery, spilled oil recovery from groundwater, and mixed hydrocarbon spill remediation.

For oil, and free phase mixed hydrocarbon recovery from groundwater, use the OilWick.


Our OilWick passive skimmers have many advantages that optimize hydrocarbon removal.

  • Designed to remove old fuel, viscous and mixed flowing LNAPL hydrocarbon. Custom stainless steel passive skimmers available for LNAPL: solvent, halogenated, chlorinated hydrocarbon recovery.
  • They require no power, no moving parts. 
  • Excellent for contaminant drawdown calculations.


  • 10' adjustable brass lifting chain.
  • PVC/polypropylene collection cartridge.
  • 100mm vertical capillary collection element pulls hydrocarbon into reservoir.
  • Can be rejuvenated on site.
  • Available optional clear PVC bailer reservoir.
  • Stainless steel base with brass drain valve and safety latch.


OilWick® Skimmer Manual